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  • Christmas Support

    Posted by james at 16:55 on 21 Dec 2015

    Our Office will close at 5pm on Wednesday 23rd December and will re-open at 9am on Monday 4th January.

    If you have an urgent query then please email us on ‘‘ and we will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.

    We will aim to respond to all queries as soon as possible once our office reopens.

    Many thanks and Merry Christmas form the Portfolio Online Team.


  • Maintenance Release 1.2.5

    Posted by Simon at 10:27 on 15 Dec 2015


    • Created ‘External Advisor’ role for ARCP process


    • issue affecting background indexing of ARCP’s that would cause them to appear under the wrong summary headings
    • issue where dynamically updateing forms would not correctly attach events to dynmic content preventing preventing form from updating subsequent times
    • do not allow sending reminder son mini-pat if mini-pat has not been started
    • propogate NTN/DRN, GMC TPAN, CCT Date from ARCP outcome form back to user’s portfolio
    • issue where a cached view of competency mappings was shown when editing a different activities competency mappings
    • issue where ‘true’ was being propagated to users details from form instead of name
    • issue where current folder was not considered inside ARCP period if it started prior to the period
    • archiving a portfolio was ending relationships where the trainee was a supervisor and not realtionships where the trainee was the subject of supervision
    • issue where name was not propogating from assessor forms back to assessors profile
    • intermittent error when trying to display certain types of form where the form templates had not previously been specified
    • propogate school and trust from specialty training forms back to user’s profile
    • issue where dynamic input field was not showing when the associated radio button was pre-checked
    • issue where the ‘help’ text was not displaying for radio group form elements
    • issue where programme administrator import files with zero rows caused an error


    • moved NTN/DRN and TPAN to portfolio details to handle multiple portfolios per user
    • message on nominations clarified to explain that nominees cannot be changed only their emails corrected
    • allow for selection of multiple N or U codes on ARCP outcome form
  • Maintenance Release 1.2.4

    Posted by Simon at 19:36 on 16 Nov 2015



    • ARCP summary panel on Deanary Admin/HoS dashboard
    • warning about ARCP panel access on trainee’s dashboard
    • new WPBA tool Leadership for piloting in West Midlands
    • show MSF nominations as queued for sending and dynamically update


    • ‘object not found’ when creating new activity document
    • prevent duplicate assessment/reviews if back button used to resubmit forms
    • permissions issue allowing trainees to deleted completed WPBA (also restored any that were deleted in error)
    • issue where dates were not displaying correctly when viewing completed forms
    • issue where levels were not displaying correctly when viewing completed ARCP outcome form
    • issue where previously checked specialties were not repopulating when editing an existing outcome form
    • improved formatting of ARCP outcome form (supervisor reports, alignment of checkbox responses)
    • issue where CCT date was defaulting to user’s name
    • correctly validate required ‘check_box’ fields for at least one checked box
    • issue where certain required fields were not highlighted when form submitted with errors
    • corrected layout of ‘panel date’ screen


    • split pending arcp’s into pending signoff / pending release
    • different first time help message for deanery admins
    • improved layout of DA dashboard added better context links to panels
    • allow ‘review period’ to be specified/edited prior to outcome form
    • created ‘Pending Completion’ status for ARCP for outcomes not acknowledge by trainee
    • prevent multiple outcome orms being created for same ARCP
    • include all ARCP status on DA dashboard summary
  • Maintenance Release 1.2.3

    Posted by Simon at 20:48 on 03 Nov 2015



    • current PDP items with a future end date set not showing when mapping activities to competencies via PDP items
    • error when trying to start a new assessment on a trainee as an anonymous user
    • formatting on latest news
    • allow panel members to access ARCP outcome forms for sign off after ARCP review date
    • allow any panel members to modify outcome forms prior to sign off
    • formatting on view outcome form to line up tables with corresponding questions
    • problem with permission check for ARCP outcome form approvals
    • problem with permission check preventing Deanery Admin viewing some outcome forms
    • problem where arcp panel access limitations were blocking supervisor access
    • allow head of school to view ARCP panel details
    • issue where trainee’s next scheduled ARCP was not being correctly shown on Deanery Admin dashboard
    • pdps not rendering correctly when viewing current pdp page
    • problem where two revisions were being recorded each time a form/document was saved


    • show trainees with upcoming ARCP on panel member’s dashbaards
    • outcome form shows full title reason for N/U codes below outcome


    • improved format of MSF summary report to better differentiate differen assessors comments
    • more gracefully handle 404 errors
    • more gracefully handle object not found errors
    • line up ‘no supervisor report’ properly with training level on ARCP outcome form
  • Maintenance Release 1.2.2

    Posted by Simon at 10:33 on 16 Oct 2015



    • automatically populate school/trust/level on new career entries based on profile data
    • display trust/school in user profile
    • allow viewing previous revisions of documents/forms
    • automatically prefill email when new user registering via confirmed nomination


    • group trusts by school in dropdown
    • general improvements rendering competencies/frameworks


    • typo ‘Apraisal’ on Non-Training folders
    • error when displaying panelist email on outcome form
    • rendering issue where competency popovers would not display correctly after a competency had been mapped/unmapped until page was refreshed
    • automatically end supervisor relationships when finishing your portfolio
    • xss vulnerability
    • permissions to view previous revisions of documents/forms were not assigned
    • error when viewing exam results for some trainees
    • removed suspension message from accounts where portfolio is archived
    • issue where a supervisor could not view a supervisor report completed by a different supervisor
    • email was not being added to account when existing user confirms a nomination to an unknown email
    • nominations to unknown emails were not being linked to corresponding account when unknown email was captured by an account via confirmation process
  • Maintenance release 1.2.1

    Posted by Simon at 15:06 on 23 Sep 2015



    • speed up rendering competency popovers
    • allow current folder to be closed by providing end date
    • improved rendering of curriculum/competencies
    • improved consistency and rendering of form inputs
    • improved ARCP outcome form rendering where trainee information is missing or incomplete
    • improved ARCP outcome form rendering when No/Unsatisfactory outcomes


    • error when viewing legacy CAP 2009 curricula
    • error when viewing exam entries with nil date on past papers
    • correctly display exam results for Paper A/B
    • error when viewing old MSF Feedback reports with no cohort mean
    • permission problem for Deanery Admin nominating panel members
    • issue where some outcome forms would only show FY1/FY2 as options for ‘level being assessed’
    • issue where specialty could not be selected if trainee information was missing
  • Release 1.2.0 – Improving Guidance

    Posted by Simon at 18:25 on 05 Aug 2015

    In this minor version release we have spent some time improving the links between Portfolio Online and the Knowledge Base in our Support Centre. This should help new users to find their way around the system, and may also be of benefit to existing users in increasing their understanding of how to get the best out of portfolio online.

    Over the coming months we’ll be adding more guidance, and working on producing more video tutorials.

    This release also bundles a number of other minor fixes and enhancements.



    • backlink on guest navbar to trainee registration
    • handle future dating of portfolios/folders
    • outstanding tasks given additional options
    • ability to delete unwanted WPBA and Supervisor report from assessor/supervisor dashboard
    • notifications for assessor and trainee when deleting reports/WPBA
    • improved on screen feedback when scheduling multiple ARCPs
    • new review for recording supervision sessions
    • trainee can preview blank form for WPBA and Reviews



    • error when checking tainee permissions on msf
    • correctly show and hide N/U codes for the appropriate outcomes
    • correctly show dynamic elements on form initialisation
    • broken rcpsych signup link
    • dummy accounts script fixes
  • ARCP on Portfolio Online

    Posted by Sarah at 15:28 on 16 Jul 2015

    It has been possible for some time to do parts of the ARCP process on Portfolio Online, but just recently we have added some new functionality to enable the whole ARCP process to be performed online.

    It’s with many thanks to those that have already contributed their thoughts that we feel ready to make this new functionality live, but we don’t want to stop here. We know that for our product to be great, we have to listen to our end users.

    Here are some of the new features we have added to the ARCP process online

    • Submit an ARCP Outcome
    • Sign off an ARCP Outcome Form
    • Release an outcome to a trainee
    • Allow trainees to review and acknowledge an outcome
    • Add an outcome form to a trainee’s portfolio

    If you try any of these new features out and would like to let us know what you think, please get in touch with one of our team members. You can contact us by phone during office hours on 0844 800 6516, or by email

  • Maintenance Release 1.1.18

    Posted by Simon at 14:39 on 16 Jul 2015



    • automatically update CT folders to core when selecting a specialty portfolio
    • enhance dropdowns for new assessments/reports to make it clearer
    • links to knowledge base on new assessments/reports screens
    • link to knowledge base on portfolio types and folders
    • link to knowledge base on PDP


    • inconsistencies displaying of assessment level vs trainee’s level on MSF
  • Maintenance Release 1.1.17

    Posted by Simon at 18:35 on 08 Jul 2015



    • allow selecting previous months ARCP on calendar


    • sorting on all ARCPs page
    • only show ‘approvals’ when form requires it
    • error when trying to view forms completed on others
    • error when supervisor tried to view trainees ARCP