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Latest News

  • Maintenance Release 1.2.10

    Posted by Simon at 18:55 on 18 May 2016


    • automatically email college when outcome 6 is awarded
    • additional form validation logic for multiple field checkboxes and field comparison
    • generate cohort means for mini-pat scoped by school and level, and allow selection of cohort when viewing feedback


    • filter programme specific attributes from portfolio edit screen (GMC TPAN,NTN/DRN and CCT_DATE)
    • issue causing an error during the account setup procedure
    • error when viewing individual trust details
    • issue where a DA could not create an outcome form if they were also registered as an ARCP reviewer
    • issue where an activity that had its related object deleted would cause the activities index to raise an error
    • error when viewing a trainee relationship record
    • issue where using back/forward or opening multiple windows could interreupt creation of new form and cause it to fail
    • error when trying to view dashboard with a scheduled ARCP after portfolio has been archived
    • issue where excessive tagging could lead to innacurate counts being displayed
    • dispaly issue where arcp outcome was showing as a code instead of human readable text on reviewer dashboard
    • issue where a new specialty trainign form could not be created
    • issue preventing some specialty training forms from displaying due to a change in data format
    • error when viewing certain folder contents
    • issue where ARCP’s completed using an older outcome form proforma were incorrectly reporting their status as scheduled
    • fixed a typo on the ARCP scheduled message
    • issue where supervisors name would sometimes show instead of trainees name on L2 report
    • issue where generating collated feedback would adversely affect database performance
    • issue where a supervisor could not register a new account using a supervisor nomination link
    • issue causing expired mini-pat requests to appear as an outstandng task on the dashboard


    • allow assessment tools to be deprecated
    • allow scheduling of revisions to proforma templates
    • make ‘New Followup’ dropdowns consistent
    • updated ARCP outcome form to latest revision
  • Maintenance Release 1.2.9

    Posted by Simon at 11:00 on 11 Apr 2016


    • credentialing pilot programme


    • race condition that could cause assessments to remain in the index after being destroyed, affecting assessment totals
    • error when recently viewed items tried to display a private form
    • error when viewing supervisor relationship
    • error when editing user profile with no role specified
    • prevent more than one MSF being created at the same time
    • error when searching for a user
    • typo on edit activity screen
    • issue where permissions to finish a role/relationship were not being correctly checked
  • Maintenance Release 1.2.8

    Posted by Simon at 11:35 on 18 Mar 2016


    • filtering by school/specialties on programme overview
    • category filter now displays all categories even if there are no activities assigned
    • automatic categorisation of some evidence types (eg Career Entry => Mandatory)
    • inline help and guidance on category and tag inputs, with links to knowledge base


    • issue where pdp coverage would sometimes not update correctly after mapping evidence to a pdp
    • issue where trusts were not displaying correctly on career entries
    • category filter now orders category in correct numerical order
    • issue preventing removal of reviewers from panels


    • ARCP status codes revised
    • updated categaries to match the methods of teaching and learning in the curricula
    • improved layout of ARCP notifcation to remove duplicate infromation
    • automaticall order folders/posts by descending date on notification and ARCP view
    • improved the titles on the recently viewed item links
    • added the MSF deadline to the subject line in reminder emails
  • Changes to ARCP panel screens

    Posted by Simon at 17:59 on 18 Feb 2016

    The latest update includes some changes to the language that is used in the system when talking about the people who make up arcp panels.

    There are two discreet concepts to be aware of when using Portfolio Online to do ARCP.

    1. There is a designated pool of people for a given school that have permissions that allow them to take part in ARCP
    2. It is possible to assign people from this pool to a given ARCP date (or panel)

    Previously we referred to these people as “Panel Members”. This is confusing because it implies that these people are on an ARCP panel, when in fact they only have the potential to be assigned to a panel.

    A better description of the pool of people would be ‘ARCP Reviewers’ – and this is how the system now refers to them.

    It also helps to make it clearer when we say that ARCP Reviewers have access to Trainee Portfolio’s during the two week window up to and including the review date. What this means is that all arcp reviewers have access, regardless of whether they are assigned to the panel.

    This is an important change to how the system used to work prior to August 2014. In the old system access to the portfolio was dependant upon the Reviewers being assigned to a panel. Our experience was that sometimes panel members may not have been assigned correctly, and that this would cause issues with those panel members not having the correct access to trainee portfolios, which in turn would hamper the ARCP online process.

    The consequence of this is that Deanery Administrators should ensure that the list of ARCP Reviewers is kept up to date. If an ARCP reviewer is no longer needed then you should press the ‘end’ button to cease access. In this fashion you will build a historical record of ARCP Reviewers.

    This leads to the question of why it is still possible to assign reviewers to a given date? The answer to this, lies in the outcome form. When the outcome form is generated, one of the questions asks you to specify which panel members took part. To avoid having to type this information each time, the system allows you to select from a pre-generated list of ARCP Reviewers. This list corresponds to the list of ARCP Reviewers that have been previously assigned to the date.

    We have updated the various screens where we refer to panel members, to now refer to ARCP reviewers. Functionality has not changed but this change in language should make it clearer what is happening. There are still a couple of place where we refer to panel members, but these should only be where we are specifically referring to that person in the context of them having been assigned to a panel for a specific arcp/date.

  • Maintenance Release 1.2.7

    Posted by Simon at 17:59 on 18 Feb 2016


    • information/warning about career history shown in ARCP notification on trainee dashboards
    • allow supervisors to end relation with trainee


    • better handling of duplicate tags on activities
    • removed ‘schedule ARCP’ button from trainee’s own dashboard
    • add indirect_supervision attribute to explicitly nominated supervisor roles (CT,ACT,PGD,TPD & Temporary Access)
    • remove outstanding MSF feedbacks from dashboard of supervisros with indirect_supervision roles
    • only show directly supervised tainees in trainees drop down menu
    • renamed ‘panel members’ as reviewers see: ‎


    • error when trying to create tags with apostrophe
    • error when DA attempted to create a supervisor relationship on behalf of trainee
    • issue where the ARCP index was using the current trainee school instead of the school that created the ARCP
    • issue where posts that had been deselected were still showing on ARCP outcome form
    • issue where documentation that had been deselected was still showing on ARCP outcome form
  • Maintenance Release 1.2.6

    Posted by Simon at 12:00 on 03 Feb 2016


    • improved dashboard loading time


    • error when checking if a panelist could access an ARCP after the review date
    • error when users with school wide permissions tried to view dashboard
    • end date field was not showing for some proformas when it should be
    • removed f codes from non-clinical WPBA proform
    • assessment forms for ST1-3 trainees showing trainee’s level as CT instead of ST
    • issue where trainees could delete a review or ARCP outcome via the created activity
    • prevent completion of self form after mini-pat ended
    • removed nominate option from completed msf
    • error viewing nomination logs for user when that user tried to access the system without cookies enabled
    • altered several ARCP permission’s related to manageing forms for reviews that have already taken place for DA’s and panel members
    • do not create new tags if the tag only differs in case
  • Christmas Support

    Posted by james at 16:55 on 21 Dec 2015

    Our Office will close at 5pm on Wednesday 23rd December and will re-open at 9am on Monday 4th January.

    If you have an urgent query then please email us on ‘‘ and we will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.

    We will aim to respond to all queries as soon as possible once our office reopens.

    Many thanks and Merry Christmas form the Portfolio Online Team.


  • Maintenance Release 1.2.5

    Posted by Simon at 10:27 on 15 Dec 2015


    • Created ‘External Advisor’ role for ARCP process


    • issue affecting background indexing of ARCP’s that would cause them to appear under the wrong summary headings
    • issue where dynamically updateing forms would not correctly attach events to dynmic content preventing preventing form from updating subsequent times
    • do not allow sending reminder son mini-pat if mini-pat has not been started
    • propogate NTN/DRN, GMC TPAN, CCT Date from ARCP outcome form back to user’s portfolio
    • issue where a cached view of competency mappings was shown when editing a different activities competency mappings
    • issue where ‘true’ was being propagated to users details from form instead of name
    • issue where current folder was not considered inside ARCP period if it started prior to the period
    • archiving a portfolio was ending relationships where the trainee was a supervisor and not realtionships where the trainee was the subject of supervision
    • issue where name was not propogating from assessor forms back to assessors profile
    • intermittent error when trying to display certain types of form where the form templates had not previously been specified
    • propogate school and trust from specialty training forms back to user’s profile
    • issue where dynamic input field was not showing when the associated radio button was pre-checked
    • issue where the ‘help’ text was not displaying for radio group form elements
    • issue where programme administrator import files with zero rows caused an error


    • moved NTN/DRN and TPAN to portfolio details to handle multiple portfolios per user
    • message on nominations clarified to explain that nominees cannot be changed only their emails corrected
    • allow for selection of multiple N or U codes on ARCP outcome form
  • Maintenance Release 1.2.4

    Posted by Simon at 19:36 on 16 Nov 2015



    • ARCP summary panel on Deanary Admin/HoS dashboard
    • warning about ARCP panel access on trainee’s dashboard
    • new WPBA tool Leadership for piloting in West Midlands
    • show MSF nominations as queued for sending and dynamically update


    • ‘object not found’ when creating new activity document
    • prevent duplicate assessment/reviews if back button used to resubmit forms
    • permissions issue allowing trainees to deleted completed WPBA (also restored any that were deleted in error)
    • issue where dates were not displaying correctly when viewing completed forms
    • issue where levels were not displaying correctly when viewing completed ARCP outcome form
    • issue where previously checked specialties were not repopulating when editing an existing outcome form
    • improved formatting of ARCP outcome form (supervisor reports, alignment of checkbox responses)
    • issue where CCT date was defaulting to user’s name
    • correctly validate required ‘check_box’ fields for at least one checked box
    • issue where certain required fields were not highlighted when form submitted with errors
    • corrected layout of ‘panel date’ screen


    • split pending arcp’s into pending signoff / pending release
    • different first time help message for deanery admins
    • improved layout of DA dashboard added better context links to panels
    • allow ‘review period’ to be specified/edited prior to outcome form
    • created ‘Pending Completion’ status for ARCP for outcomes not acknowledge by trainee
    • prevent multiple outcome orms being created for same ARCP
    • include all ARCP status on DA dashboard summary
  • Maintenance Release 1.2.3

    Posted by Simon at 20:48 on 03 Nov 2015



    • current PDP items with a future end date set not showing when mapping activities to competencies via PDP items
    • error when trying to start a new assessment on a trainee as an anonymous user
    • formatting on latest news
    • allow panel members to access ARCP outcome forms for sign off after ARCP review date
    • allow any panel members to modify outcome forms prior to sign off
    • formatting on view outcome form to line up tables with corresponding questions
    • problem with permission check for ARCP outcome form approvals
    • problem with permission check preventing Deanery Admin viewing some outcome forms
    • problem where arcp panel access limitations were blocking supervisor access
    • allow head of school to view ARCP panel details
    • issue where trainee’s next scheduled ARCP was not being correctly shown on Deanery Admin dashboard
    • pdps not rendering correctly when viewing current pdp page
    • problem where two revisions were being recorded each time a form/document was saved


    • show trainees with upcoming ARCP on panel member’s dashbaards
    • outcome form shows full title reason for N/U codes below outcome


    • improved format of MSF summary report to better differentiate differen assessors comments
    • more gracefully handle 404 errors
    • more gracefully handle object not found errors
    • line up ‘no supervisor report’ properly with training level on ARCP outcome form