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Latest News

  • Maintenance Release 2.1.1

    Posted by Simon at 08:29 on 13 Mar 2018


    • allow programme admins to edit user/portfolio details
    • allow trainees to view submitted ARCP docs
    • school card to deanery/hos dashboard
    • allow temporary upload of exams data
    • import files for suspend/activate/update membership numbers
    • implement read only policy on suspended accounts
    • pdf headers display on every page
    • zendesk SSO


    • allow MSF level to be changed after round has started, provided no assessors have responded
    • L1 report framework selection based on current folder mappings
    • moved rcpsych number and candidate number to portfolio details
    • removed ‘entry accepted field’ from exams as no longer used
    • removed warning on rcpsych exam results page
    • moved warnings for current folder/post higher up page
    • change portfolio suspension message if not current user
    • prevent editing of GMC/RCPsych/Candidate number once set for improved security
    • improved pdf generation
    • switch to zendesk support
    • smarter default framework guessing when editing competency mappings


    • error when attempting to update folder details
    • handle errors in newsfeed fetching code gracefully
    • sort review dates on dashboard correctly
    • issue where searching within a school would return results for all schools
    • permissions issue when trying to edit a completed mini-pat activity
    • issue where reviewers would sometimes show up more than once when assigning them to a panel date
    • error when search results contained aggregations referencing objects that have been deleted (eg programme, school)
    • issue causing an error when viewing user profile page
    • issue causing candidate number to display as “not specified” on rcpsych exam results screen
    • issue where long titles would render badly on pdf
    • issue preventing native browser spellcheck from working
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