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Visit the Knowledge Base to view help and guidance on using Portfolio Online, these include:

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Latest News

  • Maintenance release 1.2.1

    1.2.1 Changed speed up rendering competency popovers allow current folder to be closed by providing end date improved rendering of curriculum/competencies improved consistency and rendering of form inputs improved ARCP outcome form rendering where trainee information is missing or incomplete improved ARCP outcome form rendering when No/Unsatisfactory outcomes Fixed error when viewing legacy CAP 2009 [...]

  • Release 1.2.0 – Improving Guidance

    In this minor version release we have spent some time improving the links between Portfolio Online and the Knowledge Base in our Support Centre. This should help new users to find their way around the system, and may also be of benefit to existing users in increasing their understanding of how to get the best [...]

  • ARCP on Portfolio Online

    It has been possible for some time to do parts of the ARCP process on Portfolio Online, but just recently we have added some new functionality to enable the whole ARCP process to be performed online. It’s with many thanks to those that have already contributed their thoughts that we feel ready to make this new functionality live, but we don’t want [...]

  • Maintenance Release 1.1.18

    1.1.18 Added automatically update CT folders to core when selecting a specialty portfolio enhance dropdowns for new assessments/reports to make it clearer links to knowledge base on new assessments/reports screens link to knowledge base on portfolio types and folders link to knowledge base on PDP Fixed inconsistencies displaying of assessment level vs trainee’s level on [...]

  • Maintenance Release 1.1.17

    1.1.17 Added allow selecting previous months ARCP on calendar Fixed sorting on all ARCPs page only show ‘approvals’ when form requires it error when trying to view forms completed on others error when supervisor tried to view trainees ARCP

  • Maintenance Release 1.1.16

    1.1.16 Added scheduled ARCP info on trainee dashboard outcome form approvals allow outcome to be released and added to activities allow recording of n-codes and u-codes Fixed various ARCP permission related errors

  • Maintenance Release 1.1.15

    1.1.15 Added sort ‘Your trainees’ on dashboard by surname sort panel members by surname show in progress MSF on trainee profile for easy viewing Fixed error when printing outcome forms error when trying to start a new folder newly nominated users not showing on role management screen an issue where surname field was being overwritten [...]

  • Maintenance Release 1.1.14

    1.1.14 Fixed error for non logged in users attempting to view another user deanery admin can remove panelists prevent removal of panelists that are linked on outcome forms correctly display selected items on outcome form (posts, levels, documentation etc)

  • Maintenance Release 1.1.13

    1.1.13 Fixed correctly show school names in user filter colour of supervisor name error when trying to register a supervisor without an account permission denied trying to view completed forms correctly show ARCP as pending, instead of in progress once outcome has been awarded allow supervisor to delete supervisor report xss vulnerability

  • Maintenance Release 1.1.12

    1.1.12 Added show supervisor name on supervisor report evidence filter arcp calender by selected school show warning when no trainees assigned for a date with panelists only suggest emails where the user has previously logged in filter arcp date trainees by selected school Fixed xss vulnerability do not show outcome before sign off