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Latest News

  • Release 4.3

    Posted by Simon at 12:06 on 27 Aug 2020

    Major Enhancements

    • Improved registration flow
    • Event logging & notification updates


    • allow trainees to add portfolio if already registered as assessor
    • show the name of the person that released the MSF
    • deletion constraint on MSF when it has responses
    • cleanup organisation management
    • [FOM] added FOM Contact ID to profile and registration
    • [#199] form-R TOOT validation
    • [#327] link to ARCP guidance /suggestions on homepage


    • sort organisation reviewers by name
    • removed expiry dates from assessment/review requests
    • improved UI flow when creating requests
    • allow requests to be deleted
    • improved error reporting when an action cannot be completed
    • link to existing MSF in the “invalid concurrent MSF” error
    • do not prompt to add supervisor if a request is pending
    • prompt for position as required
    • allow for programe specific fields when exporting data
    • [RCPSYCH] updated college contact details in emails & suspension message
    • [#385] automatically scroll to top when viewing next page in filtered lists


    • error when creating a new organisation
    • error when removing a panel member
    • permission error on redirect after deleting a proforma template
    • sporadic error when a guest user attempted to complete a supervisor report
    • fix regression in PR #374
    • intermittent database latency spikes caused by About page
    • duplication of messages in portfolio advisor
    • incorrect filenames showing on exports page
    • backend error indexing portfolios linked to deleted organisations
    • restored email notification on completion of an export
    • [FOM] cpd filtering on evidence page
    • [#264] index went out of sync a portfolio was suspended
    • [#330] error when admin viewed user roles
    • [#344] issue where save progress would cause subsequent ‘Save Draft’ to submit as a GET request
    • [#349] issue where incorrect management status could prevent request email from sending
    • [#350] backend issue determining correct management type
    • [#353] permission issue preventing reviewers from viewing the panel page
    • [#355] prevent creating duplicate requests for relations & managements
    • [#359] fix regression in #355 incorrectly identifying duplicate management requests
    • [#361] issue that could cause MSF end date to truncate if the trainee changed the MSF level after the round had started but before any responses were received
    • [#370] error when processing notifications for deleted objects
    • [#371] permission error when marking pdp item complete
    • [#377] error when merging users that have events logged
    • [#381] dynamic form elements were sometimes showing when they should not be
    • [#385] next button was not working correctly
    • [#387] do not allow creation of activities using non evidence proforma
    • [#388] [FOM] fix regression in #381 CPD points not displaying correctly
    • [#399] fix error when selecting “Other” as trust
    • [#401] fix issue where selecting “Other” trust did not show “Please Specify” input
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